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Angelyne, the Entertainer

Eric and Angelyne began entertaining people from the very beginning of their life together.  It was evident that they had a very unique and strong bond from the start.  After learning about Angelyne's deafness and to this day, Eric had it set in his heart and mind to prove to the world that Angelyne will not be defined as just a deaf dog with limits.  

Eric and Angelyne won 11 dog talent shows (12 entered). and have made over 500 public presentations since their beginning.  They auditioned for "Americas Got Talent" in 2010 and have also shared the stage with such notable animal advocates as Joel Silverman (celebrity trainer), Shorty Rossi (The Pit Boss), Wendy Francisco (GOD-DOG), Guy Gilchrist (Today's Dogg, Muppets, Nancy) and more!.  Eric & Angelyne deliver a unique, heart-felt and impacting message to all that see their show.  


Angelyne, the puppy and friend

Angelyne is a diluted chocolate Australian Cattle Dog who was born completely deaf.  Without knowing of her disability, Eric brought Angelyne into his heart and home. After struggling in puppy obedience class, Eric took Angelyne to see Dr. Robin Downing of the Windsor Veterinary Clinic for examination. Downing diagnosed Angelyne as being bi-laterally deaf from birth. Eric could have returned Angelyne to the breeder, surrendered her to a shelter or rescue or even had her euthanized as many deaf dogs end up. Instead, Eric chose to keep Angelyne and dedicated his life to their friendship, bond and unique training program. Eric had no idea that Angelyne would be training him for her world and an amazing journey together.....

Angelyne, the spokesdog, model and pet celebrity

Eric and Angelyne are a highly sought after duo.  As well as staying busy doing their normal appearances and shows they also advocate for rescues, deaf dog education, animal welfare and animals and people with disabilities. Eric and Angelyne understand well that with hard work comes opportunities and more responsibility. Stories and images of Eric and Angelyne have appeared in numerous magazines, books, trade publications, event promotions, on television, online and much more.  


Angelyne - 5 weeks old

Lost Souls Found: Inspiring Stories About Pets With Disabilities

Eric & Angelyne's story was chosen for this heart warming book.  

Eric's poem "The D Word" and Angelyne's image were selected for the back page promotion.

Lost Souls Found: Inspiring Stories of Herding Breed Dogs also features a story about Eric & Angelyne.