Eric and Angelyne are unique inspirational performing artists! They have redefined human-animal communication and the important bond between the two. They are known world wide for their passionate work in character education, inspirational speaking and are also advocates for people and animals with disabilities.  

Since 2007 Eric & Angelyne have been delivering their highly sought after, unique and impacting story and demonstration to people of all ages and abilities.

Eric & Angelyne frequently speak and perform at the following places: 

​- Schools and educational facilities

​- Youth programs & summer camps

​- Churches (seniors, children's and deaf ministries)

​- Seniors activities and enrichment

​- Intellectually and physically disabled

- Chronic & terminal illness

- Pet expos and animal rescue groups 

​- DHH (deaf & hard of hearing)

​- Morale-raisers

- Fund-raisers

​- Children's parties

- Libraries and literacy programs

​- Fairs & festivals

- Corporate events



About Eric & Angelyne

Type 1 Diabetes, Visible and Invisible Disabilities 

- Eric Melvin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14 and has medical challenges no one can see or fully understand.

- Eric's uncle lived 51 years with Down    Syndrome with happiness and purpose.  

- Angelyne was born completely deaf.

Overcoming adversity and challenges with optimism, resilience and compassion is in Eric's DNA. Inspiring and entertaining people of all ages and abilities is his calling.  Eric's story and presentation with Angelyne will warm your heart, mind and soul.    

When Compassion Meets Resilience!