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Eric & Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog

Character Education, Entertainment and Inspiration
For People of All Ages and Abilities!

About Eric & Angelyne

Sometimes unexpected events and adversity offer a compassionate new purpose.
At the age of 14 I was faced with the lifelong challenge of type 1 diabetes. Two decades later I was faced with another unexpected event. One month after bringing my puppy Angelyne home she was diagnosed being completely deaf at birth. Diabetes was a battle that I could not so easily walk away from. With Angelyne, I could have responded as many others would by returning her to the breeder, surrender her to a rescue or have her euthanized.  With many doubts, zero experience with deaf dogs and no promise of success I made the commitment to keep Angelyne and give her the best life possible.   My choice has made ALL the difference in my life and hers.

After considering quitting puppy obedience class, Angelyne and I earned the “Most Improved Team” award. While training, I discovered Angelyne had extraordinary talent, focus, intelligence and a unique connection with people.  In our first year we amassed 22 different hand signals and nonverbal commands including an array of tricks. One day a neighbor noticed us training and suggested we enter a dog talent contest. With no expectations we entered and won the contest. (video available for viewing on our "contact" page) Afterwards we were greeted by numerous people interested to know our story and if we would bring our message and presentation to the community. From that day the life Angelyne and I had known had taken on a new purpose. 

Angelyne and I deliver our heart-warming story and unique and entertaining trick demonstration to people of all ages and abilities.  We now now have over 40 hand signals and nonverbal commands with many shown in our presentation.  Our presentations educate and inspire as well as touch hearts and minds for such places including: 

► Schools and education (topics include: good character, bullying, perseverance, compassion, responsibility, service, commitment, second chances, creative and critical thinking & more)  
► Youth programs
► Churches
► Libraries
► Senior activities
► Physical and developmental disabilities
► Fundraisers
► Childrens parties
► Fairs and festivals
► Corporate events
& MUCH MORE!    

Our show includes our story, personally written inspirational poems, eye catching trick demonstration and audience participation. Our show offers something for everyone in attendance.  Be ready to be inspired, entertained and AMAZED by a one of a kind duo.   

We would love to bring our presentation, message and inspiration to YOU!
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book us for your event.

Best wishes & belly rubs,

Eric & Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog


Our Resume and List of Accomplishments Includes:

- First special needs dog to be featured on the cover of Mile High Dog Magazine 

- Published author in the books
“Lost Souls Found: Inspiring Stories about Herding Breed Dogs”

 "Lost Souls Found: Inspiring Stories About Pets With Disabilities"

- Featured in the children's book "Disabled Dogs"

- Featured in American Dog Magazine "Famous Dogs with Friends on Facebook"

- 4 time gold medal winners in Doggie Olympics competitions

- 11 pet talent show victories (12 entered)

- Over 300 hours volunteered to various organizations and communities

- Headline entertainment at pet expos and festivals since 2007.

- Co-headliner with such people as Guy Gilchrist, cartoonist for “Today’s Dogg” and Nancy comic strips and best-selling author of the book and YouTube sensation“GoD-Dog”, Wendy Francisco.

- Guest speaker / presenter at the Erik Weihenmayer (only blind climber to summit Mt. Everest) “No Barrier’s Summit” event for people of all ages with disabilities. 

- Numerous magazine and newspaper articles including 5 front page appearances

- Surpassed 300 + appearances & shows in early 2013 with over 17,000 people in attendance in each year since 2010!

- 46 unique hand signals & non-verbal commands (non-ASL) 

- Most Improved Team – Puppy Obedience

- Guest speaker / presenter at Denver Pet Expo

- U.S.D.A. Animal Welfare Act License (educational exhibitor team) # 84-C-0125 

- Deaf and hearing dogs training program using our unique hand / body language commands and methods


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