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  • Inspirational & motivational speeches and presentations
  • Entertainment for all ages
  • Character education for schools and youth programs 
  • Deaf dog training and inspiration 
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Character Education

Inspirational & motivational presentations


​​Hello friends. We hope you had a nice 2016. Our year was very interesting and challenging to say the least but most of all it was one of positive change, growth and renewal. Some of our highlights include our largest school assembly ever (800+ students) at Las Brisas Elementary School in Glendale, AZ , 5 standing room only presentations for the Denver Public Libraries, appearance and presentations at Erik Weihenmayer’s “No Barriers Summit”, grand opening at Fast Action Dogs Training Center in Edgewood, NM, the Bow Wow Film Festival and Windsor Veterinary Clinic’s 25th Anniversary celebration. We were honored with the cover of Mile High Dog Magazine in February, a feature story in Style Magazine, an unforgettable event celebrating our career at The Promenade Shops at Centerra in Loveland, CO and we even went to “stand on the corner” in Winslow, AZ.

After making the announcement in late 2015 that we would retire from our tour and presentations at the end of 2016, we made the decision to continue. One reason for our retirement announcement was some unanswered questions with Angelyne’s health. In 2015 she began showing symptoms of Cushings and in early September this year her blood work confirmed it. Since starting treatments and medicine, Angelyne has made huge improvements including re-growing her soft, multicolored coat and has regained a puppy-like playfulness. She is 11 now with arthritis but I am more than satisfied with the life she’s had and all that we have accomplished together. Angelyne still does many of the tricks and more that made her famous and has much to offer her fans, followers and audiences. She’s never been more beautiful and meaningful to me than right now.

After much soul searching this past year we realized a new meaning in that everything in life happens for a reason. Our mission and calling is to share our life, story and talents. This is our life. You are our life. This is what we do and this is our legacy. Angelyne and I found each other to inspire people to live beyond adversity and barriers and unleash their inner champion. My lifelong illness with Type 1 diabetes and Angelynes deafness made for a perfect melding creating our story and mission. We’re excited that in June 2017 we will begin our 10th year of public appearances and presentations.

We are now accepting bookings for speaking engagements now for 2017. We would love to be part of your event calendar. For our upcoming schedule, see our events page on Facebook.

We can’t wait to see everyone.

Make your 2017 Incredible!

Gratefully yours, 
Eric & Angelyne